You won't know me by consuming the content of this site. However, you will get a glimpse into my life.

Frode is my name, and frodr.com is a place I share some of my writings. This site is named frodr.com, where “fróðr” means “wise1 2.

I’ve got a Master of Computer Science and Engineering from the University of New South Wales , Sydney, Australia; a Graduate Diploma in Visual Effects from the Victorian College of the Arts , Melbourne, Australia; and a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Oslo , Norway.

I’m an author. I have written two books: The Soul Sailor (2014) and Bill Goats and the Forest (2022).

I’m an artist and have held some small art exhibitions and illustrated two books. A selection of my artwork is located at curious.art .

I’m a filmmaker and have made several short films . In 2005, an award-winning film of mine was selected to open North America’s biggest short film festival, The Palm Springs International ShortFest . My films have been screened in Australia, France, Greece, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the USA.

I’m a podcaster, and, together with Miriam Ekelund, I’m producing the podcast Antijantepodden .

Last but not least, I’m a programmer. I’ve worked as a systems developer, project manager, CTO, and CEO for various tech companies. For example, I’ve created the publishing solution Jongleur , which was used to build this website.