~ aerobic exercise that stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs

All on the fire (7.76 km)2023.06.04
[HIKE] I am throwing everything on the fire, so it is difficult to say what works or not.
Suffocation is your friend (11.13 km)2023.05.31
[RUN] The longest run to date, post comeback, both in duration and distance. Nice being able to run for at least 90 minutes without issues. And yes, with my mouth shut. Unless stated otherwise, assume all runs without any mouth breathing from now on.
Forever-green (7.48 km)2023.05.27
[RUN] One thing is certain about the Azores: the nature is stunning!
Keyword: Buteyko (7.54 km)2023.05.24
[RUN] Life becomes (a bit) better when you run!
Short and slow (6.23 km)2023.05.20
[RUN] Today I am pleased with myself, as I resisted the temptation for a bigger round.
I am possibly pushing my luck (9.15 km)2023.05.16
[RUN] Being back in my running shoes was so wonderful that I forgot all about starting gradually.
gpx2jon and a new beginning (7.63 km)2023.05.11
[RUN] My calfs has troubled me since 2015, and late March one of them struck once more. This is my first run since then.