gpx2jon and a new beginning (7.63 km)
[RUN] My calfs has troubled me since 2015, and late March one of them struck once more. This is my first run since then.

When I ran Defasio Vertical in 2022, I believed it went well. It did, and it did not. The race itself went well. But, a few runs later, I once again got calf trouble. After a month’s break, I was back again, though, with some shorter and slower runs. And, gradually I got used to longer runs. All was good until a few weeks back, in end of March. Stress, travel, cold climate (yes, the Azores gets cold in winter), irregular exercise and heavy lifting (moving a shed in my yard) are likely suspects behind this latest incident. So this latest run was rewarding. It is time to once again rebuild stamina and strength. As well, trying to prevent further issues. More about that in my next cardio post.

With this activity, I have also started publishing cardio sessions on my website. In earlier years I was using solutions from Polar , Garmin and Strava . However, as I am trying to limit self surveillance and be in control of my data, I created my own tool, entitled gpx2jon, for presenting GPS activity data. I do not want to share where I run, only the shape of the track and the elevation profile. gpx2jon does exactly this, as it generate Jongleur pages based on GPX data , without location information.

To log my activities, I am using BasicAirData GPS Logger on an old smart phone, running Graphene OS , without a SIM card. With a smartphone I can also easily snap some photos along the way.


Duration: 1:04:11
Distance: 7.63 km (7.71 km)¹
Pace: 8:25 /km (8:18 /km)¹
Ascent/Descent: +307/-270 m
Bottom/Top: 264/459 m
Time to the top: 52 min
Time to the bottom: 13 min

1: altitude adjusted