I am possibly pushing my luck (9.15 km)
[RUN] Being back in my running shoes was so wonderful that I forgot all about starting gradually.

The summer has arrived on the Azores, and being able to run again is nothing short of amazing. It was so amazing that I forgot all about doing shorter runs, that likely had been far better for my calfs. A good thing, though, is that I have felt no pain at all. The bad thing is that I normally do not feel any pain before a sudden stabbing pain announces its arrival. The pain either comes during the run, or a few days later.

What is new is that I am taking daily magnesium shots, as well as I have got myself a massage gun. If I feel any pain from using the massage gun on my calfs, I will not run. So, it is my calfs that decide when my next run will be, not my head. That is a good thing.

(Note to self: ~50:30 to the top)


Duration: 1:20:33
Distance: 9.15 km (9.27 km)¹
Pace: 8:48 /km (8:41 /km)¹
Ascent/Descent: +469/-473 m
Bottom/Top: 66/557 m
Time to the top: 51 min
Time to the bottom: 80 min

1: altitude adjusted