Short and slow (6.23 km)
[RUN] Today I am pleased with myself, as I resisted the temptation for a bigger round.

Three runs, and my calfs seems to hold up. With a few more runs under my belt, I will hopefully be ready to increase the distance a bit. Not that I need to run that far, nor that fast. But being about to run for a couple of hours is nice.

A physio suggested strengthening my glutes, as imbalance in between calfs and glutes could lead to the type of issues I have. So, now I am also working on building my booty at the muscle factory.

Duration: 1:00:01
Distance: 6.23 km (6.31 km)¹
Pace: 9:38 /km (9:30 /km)¹
Ascent/Descent: +255/-256 m
Bottom/Top: 61/312 m
Time to the top: 29 min
Time to the bottom: 60 min

1: altitude adjusted