Keyword: Buteyko (7.54 km)
[RUN] Life becomes (a bit) better when you run!

I have a tendency to like challenges, and try out new things, so today I ran “The Buteyko way”, only breathing through my nose. I started doing this end of last year, after listening to a fascinating podcast . It is “slightly” tiring not being able to open your mouth when you run. As well, it can be quite painful. Well, I like challenges.

I have also been working on defining what “being in shape” means to me. The list is updated as we go (see updates below):

I reckon this is a good list. Each point on the list is not that hard to achieve. For example, there are a lot of runners that can do a 10 km in less than 50 minutes, backwards. However, many are likely to fail in strength. As well, there are many at the gym that easily can lift 80 kg in squat and bench (not that many that can do 8 muscle-ups though). But, they can not run 10 km in less than 50 minutes. It is the combination that is the trick. At this point in time I am far from achiving this. However, to repeate myself once more, I like challenges. And with this challenge I can work towards getting back into shape.

Let the games begin!


UPDATE 23.06.01-05: Added breath work to the “in-shape-list”.

Duration: 1:00:27
Distance: 7.54 km (7.62 km)¹
Pace: 8:13 /km (7:55 /km)¹
Ascent/Descent: +256/-211 m
Bottom/Top: 272/452 m
Time to the top: 51 min
Time to the bottom: 7 min

1: altitude adjusted