~ the sum total of a writer’s or artist’s achievements

(22.04.11: Currently, LOADS of projects are missing from this section. I will add more content in the following weeks and months).

Jeton (2022-)2022.06.07
[SOFTWARE] Jeton order system.
billgoats.com (2022)2022.06.07
[SOFTWARE] Building of the site billgoats.com.
Bill Goats and the Forest (2022)2022.06.07
[BOOK] The story about Bill Goats and the Forest.
wc2sd (2022)2021.05.01
[SOFTWARE] WooCommerce to Sentraldistribusjon integration.
manuskript.no (2022)2021.05.01
[SOFTWARE] Building of the site manuskript.no.
frodr.com (2022-)2022.04.08
[SOFTWARE] Building of the site frodr.com.
antijantepodden.no (2021-)2021.12.06
[SOFTWARE] Setup of the site antijantepodden.no.
c19vaxno (2021-2022)2021.10.26
[SOFTWARE] Tracking the adverse reactions to the COVID-19 "vaccines".
minilandbruk.no (2021)2021.10.26
[SOFTWARE] Building of the site minilandbruk.no.
RebelYellPublishing.com (2021)2021.10.04
[SOFTWARE] Building of the site RebelYellPublishing.com.
Umbratic (2021-)2021.05.08
[SOFTWARE] A podcast assistance toolbox.
Antijantepodden (2021-)2021.05.01
[PODCAST] Together with Miriam Ekelund, I'm making the podcast Antijantepodden.
iopterous (2021-2022)2021.03.01
[SOFTWARE] E-commerce support system.
Jongleur (2020-)2020.12.07
[SOFTWARE] A Python framework for building static websites from Markdown.
Photography and drawing workshop (2019)2019.11.15
[TEACHING] Weekend workshop in photography and drawing.
the nature of code (2019)2019.01.01
[EDUCATION] programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems.
Peter Tosh - Johnny B. Goode - frodr extended version (2018)2018.06.01
[MUSIC] An extended version of Peter Tosh's Johnny B. Goode
1808 - music ceremony (2017-2018)2018.06.01
[MUSIC] a "music ceremony" is an idea that takes the listeners on an inner journey.
The Soul Sailor: a short story (2014)2014.08.18
[BOOK] A short story about a man that set sail, and travel inwards.
the prism break challenge (2013)2013.09.01
[EXPERIMENT] for one month i tried to stay off the grid, not being traced electronically.