runners.no (2012 - 2018)
[SOFTWARE] website

the history of runners.no

the idea for the site runners.no was born on the 27th of april 2012, after i earlier that month had started curating a list of norwegian running blogs . the first version of runners.no was built in 6.5 hours, using yahoo pipes . the original concept was simple; gather all norwegian running blogs on one site.

the service quickly became popular amongst runners and even gained some traction on, at the time, biggest norwegian running site. different concepts were tried out which generated even more pr .

generating reports based on the data collected was done from the start and became a nice addition to the articles that were presented.

google reader was added as a crucial part to the back end for runners.no, as managing all sources in yahoo pipes became inconvenient. hence, when google decided to kill reader i had to make a move. either, shut down the service, or replace google reader. i ended up developing my own solution which i initially named “forene.no” and later renamed “foreNeno”. runners.no version 2.0, running on my the foreNeno platform, was launched in november 2013. next to runners.no v 2.0, the original first version of the site, was kept alive until october 2015 , without google reader but still using the now retired yahoo pipes.

i made a deal with the norwegian running magazine kondis in 2014, and in may that year content from runners.no was, free of charge, presented on kondis.no .

i was close to shutting down runners.no in october 2015. however, because of feedback from kondis.no whom said they were dependent on my solution, i changed my mind and instead ended up doing a massive re-write of the foreNeno solution. moving away from oracle and pl/sql to a much more lightweight code base.

despite kondis.no’s “dependence” on runners.no, and despite my effort to provide a stable, feature rich and completely free service for kondis.no they abruptly stopped using runners.no in mid 2016.

i kept developing foreNeno, but runners.no was shut down on the 5th of july 2018. i was no longer was interested in spending time on keeping the list of sources, the blog list, up to date. i was no longer using runners.no myself, and due to kondis.no not using the solution there were not that many readers left. i realised, it was time to let go.