foreNeno (2013 - 2019)
[SOFTWARE] publishing platform

in 2013 i started developing my own platform for presenting content online. the platform was used for powering several sites, like thisworld.is and runners.no, until 2019. the solution was using the domain foreNeno.com , and the content was hosted at foreneno.blogspot.com.

the final version of foreNeno, version 1.4 albaldah , was released in september 2017. the active development of foreNeno stopped after that. however, it formed the base for a new cms project called “huginn ok muninn”, or “hom”, which started in 2018. foreNeno’s back-end (foreNeno.rpc) was re-written and given the name “muninn”. foreNeno’s front-end code was using angular, and as a goal with “hom” was having minimal dependencies on external libraries the front-end code was not reused.

foreNeno was developed using angular, bootstrap, golang, javascript, python and typescript.