StɛamChamber (2014-2016)
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towards the end of 2014 i started development of what became steamchamber.com, a service for tracking competitive match statistics. it was developed using angularjs and python . it launched in march 2015 and was shut down in august 2016.

background info on the shut down

information from my blog post describing the reason for the shutdown of this service:


the end of SteamChamber as a CS:GO service

SteamChamber.com, as a CS:GO statistics service, is coming to an end.

back in march 2015 i did launch the first version of what would become “SteamChamber.com”, a service for tracking competitive match statistics for the game “Counter-Strik Global Offensive ”, also known as “CS:GO”. at the time of launch there were not any other service on the internet that did exactly the same thing. the reason being, i found out after having started the development, was that collecting the data needed for such a service was slightly troublesome. however, i do like challenges, so i kept programming. and in the end, quite an ok system was brought online.

unfortunately, due to very variable quality of data delivered through valve’s steam api, i could not guarantee 100% correct results at all times. this was of course a problem, despite most of the results being correct.

as well, the steam api has a maximum limit of 100.000 requests a day, through their api. this meant a 650 to 1000 users limit for the SteamChamber service. a very low number, if the service would get popular. valve writes that you can contact them, asking for a higher request limit. i did this back in april 2015. i never heard anything back though. i could get around this, developing and deploying “fetcher code”, on different servers, using various api keys, each with a 100k limit. then, have one main server, that would merge all the data before they were presented.

then, you have the game itself. i used to love cs, and cs:go. it was to me the perfect skill based game, that “hit me” on so many levels. however, cheaters were at times a problem. but less so than the direction valve has taken the game over the years, where they are constantly finding new ways for people to spend money in-game. with this summer’s betting scandal it just got too much for me. cs:go has very unfortunately become a synonym for gambling and cheating. at least for many.

so, i stopped playing. and i asked myself if i wanted to be a part of what cs:go had become. the answer was no. i rather focus on some of my other projects, that feels more rewarding. so, despite i still do believe there is a lot of potential, and possibly money, in the SteamChamber service, i have decided to shut it down.

to all current users of SteamChamber.com, please do go to your profile page, and click the download link at the bottom of the page, to download and archive your own player data. if you care, that is. the server will be taken offline in not a very distant future.

when it comes to money, every full paying customer will get all their money refunded. this will be done through paypal, and completed by the end of next week.

glhf, and bye.