jernvilje.no (2016-2017)
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powered by my own publishing solution, foreNeno, i was running the website jernvilje.no from may 2016 to july 2017. i started this project with a friend of mine who quickly got bored. hence, it turned into a solo project. this project led to several improvements of foreNeno. in that sense, it was a success.

at jernvilje.no we followed a few norwegian track and field athletes in their quest for medals at international sports events. in the first period, the focus was on athletes that went to the rio summer olympics in 2016. post rio the focus was shifted toward those who were aiming at the tokyo 2020 olympics.

background info on the shut down and some screenshots of the service

below is information from my blog post describing the reason for the shutdown of this service:

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

unplugging jernvilje.no

back in may 2016 i launched a site called jernvilje.no. a joint project with a friend of mine. on jernvilje.no users can follow a few selected norwegian athletes in their quest for success. my friend quickly became bored with this project. the site never got much traction. despite this, i kept improving the service on my own. since jernvilje.no is built on top of foreNeno this has led to many improvements for that platform. hence, in that sense, the project has been a success. despite foreNeno’s automatic collection of data i still have to spend some time tuning the system and optimising the content. this i can no longer be bothered.

the peak, about a year ago:

current days:

there are almost no users left on jernvilje.no. i don’t even use the site myself. neither am i any longer interested in promoting the olympics. the olympic games is to me a synonym with corruption. and when i think of the olympic slogan “citius, altius, fortius” or “faster, higher, stronger” i see nothing but an old fashion and highly outdated view of the world, an illusion with “the individual” in the centre. with time i have gotten less and less interested in individuals trying to “beat” others. there has been too much “bread and circus” for too long. time for a change. jernvilje.no will be unplugged very soon.

the front page of jernvilje.no 26th of july 2017:

the media page of jernvilje.no 26th of july 2017: