c19vaxno (2021-2022)
[SOFTWARE] Adverse events report tool

As the main stream media worked hard on scaring people into taking experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” and suppressing the adverse reactions to the shots, I decided to make a site to show the real effect of the jabs, using data from Norway.

It started with a very simple page, showing a few charts, in early 2021. Over the following months, the solution was improved, and in October the same year the simple page turned into the c19vaxno project.

Nothing but official data, from official data sources, has been used for drawing the charts. The site is developed using vanilla TypeScript , HTML and chart.js . The solution is open source, multilingual (English and Norwegian), and embeddable into other sites.

For technical information, visit the code repository .

To view the solution in action, visit pqq.gitlab.io/c19vaxno/ 1, or antijanteboka.no/bivirkninger 2.