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The actual effects of the COVID-19 “vaccinations”
The COVID-19 “vaccines” have since the beginning been advertised as “safe and effective”. However, real data paints a different picture. Almost no matter which way you look at the situation, the reality shows that the injections have been unsafe and far from effective. Let’s investigate what happened in Norway, using data from official sources.
Desafio Vertical (2022)
Steep trails and stunning surroundings, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
Lies Inc.
Over the last two years, many have been “red pilled” and catapulted out of “the matrix”. Many now see the State in a new light. A light where prison bars becomes visible, and you realise that you are about to be trapped. Trapped in a cage, by those you thought were your trusty leaders. You not only understand, but start feeling the severity behind George Orwell's quote “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies”.