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The Year the Tide Turned
The Endless Path to Enlightenment2022.12.29
There will always be more crystals to hold, meditations to do, yoga poses to try, ceremonies to attend, psychedelics to take, vegan meals to consume, incarnations to live, dreams to analyse, higher frequencies to achieve, astronomy charts to read and breathing techniques to learn.
An IQ test2022.12.02
Are you smarter than all politicians and mainstream journalists?
It is raining!2022.11.18
"There is nothing to see when there is nothing to look at." — Norwegian governmental saying
All the Globalist’s Roads Leads to CBDC2022.11.10
One common denominator for all major events that has been going on for several years is the push towards a global roll-out of CBDCs.
The System is NOT corrupt!2022.11.01
Before COVID I thought "the system" (political, medical, educational, justice etc.) was corrupt. Everything that has happened related to the COVID situation taught me that I was wrong. The system is not corrupt!
A Great Mystery2022.10.26
And a reminder to take your booster shots!
Setting up your own web shop2022.08.15
WordPress + WooCommerce = Independence
No more c19vaxno updates2022.07.12
The source data for c19vaxno will no longer be updated.
220V Kendal Shoe Dryer2022.06.16
The Kendal Shoe Dryer (boot warmer, glove dryer) only comes as 110V. Here is a how-to for converting the dryer, so it can be used in a 220V environment.
The actual effects of the COVID-19 “vaccinations”2022.05.02
The COVID-19 “vaccines” have since the beginning been advertised as “safe and effective”. However, real data paints a different picture. Almost no matter which way you look at the situation, the reality shows that the injections have been unsafe and far from effective. Let’s investigate what happened in Norway, using data from official sources.
Desafio Vertical (2022)2022.04.16
Steep trails and stunning surroundings, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
Lies Inc.2022.04.11
Over the last two years, many have been “red pilled” and catapulted out of “the matrix”. Many now see the State in a new light. A light where prison bars becomes visible, and you realise that you are about to be trapped. Trapped in a cage, by those you thought were your trusty leaders. You not only understand, but start feeling the severity behind George Orwell's quote “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies”.
The World we live in2021.05.01
Three ways of looking at today's world.
The greatest form of dictatorship2021.04.14
... is the dictatorship where the people think they are free.
Space war or cyberwar?2021.02.27
Our world is rapidly shifting towards a one-world government, or a New World Order (NWO) as many prefer to name it.
Is online privacy possible?2021.02.21
Many actors have interests invested in preaching that online security is possible. However, is it possible to be secure and anonymous online?
Where insecurity comes from2021.02.21
Some people live their entire lives being insecure. What might be the reason for that?
How Consciousness is Destroyed2021.02.11
Consciousness is destroyed systematically.
IDEA: Idea Space2021.02.03
We should have a place, a space for ideas, an "idea space".
IDEA: Alternative to2021.02.03
There is a site called "alternativeto.net", where you can find alternative solutions to software and online services. There should be a similar site for products.
Movies that made an impression2020.12.12
Or: What are my favourite movies?
Hello, World!2020.12.07
The traditional "Hello, World!" post.