220V Kendal Shoe Dryer
The Kendal Shoe Dryer (boot warmer, glove dryer) only comes as 110V. Here is a how-to for converting the dryer, so it can be used in a 220V environment.

Kendal Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, Boot Warmer and Glove Dryer

The Kendal shoe dryer gets good reviews online. However, if you’re living in a place with 220V, this dryer won’t work out of the box. Doing something about that is not too difficult. You only need some screwdrivers, a soldering iron and a new power plug.

I found the “YJ58-12 220V” on Alibaba.com.

You need to buy a new 220V motor for the dryer. The motor I got was the “YJ58-12 220V” model.

The dryer is opened with four screws, where three have Philips head . For the final screw you need a u shaped screwdriver . To reach the screws, the arm needs to be long.

You don’t need to disassemble the entire dryer, like what I have done here

With the four screws removed, simply flip the top open (carefully, to avoid damaging the cables). To swap the engine, you need to release the fan. To do that, simply remove the clip on top of the fan, and pull the fan right up and off the motor (something that might require some force). As soon as the fan is released, unscrew the two screws holding the motor in place, and one more screw to loosen the cable.

The new 220V motor next to the original 110V one

You can simply cut & connect with these two cables

A quick and easy way of swapping the motor is cutting the two cables to the original motor, and using a soldering iron to connect the new one.

The new motor is in place

A new cable with a new power plug

As well, you’ll likely want to replace the power plug. Four screws needs to be loosened to do that.

The cables are back in place

Put the top back on, and you’re good to go, with warm and nice shoes

Overall, this was an easy fix.