No more c19vaxno updates
The source data for c19vaxno will no longer be updated.

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been tracking the adverse reactions to the COVID-19 “vaccines”. It started as a simple solution and grew more complex over time as I added more official data sources. The official data quickly revealed that the “vaccines” did not work as promised. They were not safe, and they were not efficient. You can read about that here.

Unfortunately, the data quality has deteriorated, the reports are less frequent, the definitions keep changing, and the health “authorities” have also stopped sharing some of the more interesting data. One can only speculate why.

Because of this, and the fact that I am very busy with a new project , I have decided to stop spending time on updating the c19vaxno solution. I will, however, keep the solution online at pqq.gitlab.io/c19vaxno , as it is a good evidence of all the lies our so-called leaders and the mass media have been spewing out over the last two plus years. More information in this post.

To those of you being interested in data, I would recommend to monitor the weekly deaths reported by SSB, and causes of death . Those numbers are revealing, and harder to cover up, for those that have an interest in suppressing information.

UPDATE: For additional information on why I stopped updating the data, this Hemali interview (in Norwegian) is relevant.