Is online privacy possible?
Many actors have interests invested in preaching that online security is possible. However, is it possible to be secure and anonymous online?

Ask yourself: why did the Snowden revelations happen? Why did the mainstream media take just that story and run with it? Who gained on the fact that Snowden’s story became public?

As well, ask yourself: what capacities might the intelligence services of the world have? Can it be that they have access to quantum computers, or something similar, that can cut through today’s security algorithms as a hot knife cuts through butter?

Is online security a utopia? Maybe someone wants you to believe it’s possible to be secure, wants you to believe it’s possible to encrypt information for no-one but you to read? Maybe someone pretends not to be able to crack encryption?

A golden rule for the Internet is that EVERYTHING you store on a device connected to the Internet is available to SOMEONE you don’t know.