The Year the Aliens Arrived.

pic: Lucas Pezeta


The Year the Aliens Arrived

2023 marked the turning point when the people realised that the system was not evil, but evil was the system. 2024 marked the year when the aliens arrived. Or, at least, that was what the Diabulicrats wanted the people to believe.

The Diabulicrats realised the people knew about the COVID Psyop, the Climate Scam , their endless wars and their plan to take down the Internet . So, it was time to roll out another plan, a plan that most thought would be too farfetched for people to believe in. A plan that the Diabulicrats had been working on for years . When the “aliens” arrived, all world’s governments had to unite, to fight the strangers from outer space. And, free speech officially had to end. After all, you could not risk that those dangerous grey (green?) aliens surveilling free floating information on, for example, an open Internet. And all humans had to be marked electronically, so they could be easily verified as actual humans, and not those pesky greys in human suits.

Yes, this all seemed like crazy talk back in 2023. But the Diabulicrats still believed they could make most of the useless eaters believe their story. And for the rest, they would simply label them as aliens.