Mouthpiece update #rewritinghistory
The government spokesman keeps "informing" the public about recent events in Norway.

The state controlled mouthpiece and mRNA jab pusher , whose work has become known even outside of Norway’s borders, keeps delivering propaganda stories. His latest “masterpiece” 1 is yet another example of how the government is rewriting history, in true 1984 fashion . Below are machine translated excepts from the article.

Inside the Prideulance | src: nrk.no

Cardiovascular diseases have cost far more human lives than expected in the last two years. After more than 50 years of declining mortality, the trend has now reversed.

Since the beginning of the 70s, the number of people who die from cardiovascular diseases has fallen dramatically in Norway. Better treatment methods and a healthier lifestyle have been among the main explanations.

But two years ago, something startling happened.

For the first time in at least 50 years, significantly more deaths than expected were recorded as a result of heart disease.

COMMENT: Two years ago? Hmm… What happened two years ago? The COVID-PSYOP started in 2020 and not in 2021, so there must be something else being referred to here. Another one of those great mysteries of this time.

Don’t know the reason

During last year, these diseases claimed 1,870 more lives than expected. This corresponds to 22 per cent more than calculated, according to the Institute of Public Health’s cause of death register.

In 2021, 1,280 more people died than expected. Those in the age group under 70 are also affected to a greater extent than previous developments would suggest.

Currently, FHI cannot say anything for certain about the reasons for the sudden increase.

- There is uncertainty associated with these figures. Some of the increase is due to the general increase in mortality. Both changes in reporting through electronic death notification, the pandemic and an expected flattening may also have played a role. We do not know this for sure, says senior physician Guttorm Raknes at FHI.

COMMENT: The mouthpiece has asked the Rockefeller funded “Folkehelseinstituttet” for comments. They do not know the reason for the increase in deaths from cardiovascular diseases. However, they state that “Some of the increase is due to the general increase in mortality”. So, there is an increase in mortality because of an increase in cardiovascular diseases, and an increase in cardiovascular diseases from an increase in mortality. Fantastic example of circular reasoning!

In 2021, an unexpected change occurs.

COMMENT: Darn. What change happened in 2021? So many years ago that I can no longer remember.

The increased mortality from cardiovascular diseases occurred at the same time as the pandemic hit Norway.

COMMENT: The “pandemic” hit Norway in 2020, and “In 2021, an unexpected change occurs”, which by the government employed mouthpiece (aka. “journalist”) says is “at the same time”. Time for sure is relative.

- It is not possible to say anything about this based on the cause of death statistics, and not until we have the results of good scientific studies. I would not completely rule out that the coronavirus could have direct negative effects on the cardiovascular system, says Raknes.

He also does not rule out that generally impaired health after covid-19 infection increases the risk of dying from various heart diseases.

Total mortality was historically high in Norway last year, partly due to the pandemic. 5,815 more deaths than expected were recorded, but half of these did not have covid-19 as the underlying cause of death.

Cancer has also claimed more human lives than expected in 2022. For the first time since 2010, the death rate is higher than the previous year.

The same applies to the popular disease diabetes, which has had an upward trend in the last two years.

COMMENT: So, SARS-CoV-2 might have negative effects on the heart. Would a question on how the spike protein might affect the heart be relevant? Nah, did not think so. And, isn’t it weird that so many kept dying after they got the life-saving jabs? Oh, no, it was because of the less lethal variants that tricked the “vaccines”. Right! And the cancer rate and other illnesses are rising? Perfectly normal, because there is a general increase in deaths.

Few vaccine deaths

The corona vaccine has led to side effects such as heart inflammation, blood clots and heart cramps in some.

Until December 2022, only 51 deaths have been registered in the cause of death register, where side effects of the vaccine are an underlying or contributing cause of the death.

Most of those affected were elderly and had another life-threatening illness.

A survey FHI has previously carried out among a group of people over the age of 70 showed reduced mortality among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.

COMMENT: OK, so the elephant had to be addressed at last. It was too obvious as serious heart problems is a well-known side effect of the experimental injections. But, “only” 51 vaccine related deaths? Is that a trustworthy number? We know from before that at most 30 to 50% of deadly adverse reactions are reported. Still, if we had 150 vaccine related deaths, that is to be expected, right? Because, a product that kills 50-150 people is still a safe product. Or? And, this time, compared to during the “pandemic”, those whom die has underlying conditions. And, according to, not a study but “a survey” FHI knows there was a “reduced mortality among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.”? Well, the elephant has been addressed and we know for certain it is not to blame. I just really wonder what happened in 2021, one year into the “pandemic”. If someone at least could give me a hint. Maybe it is all related to climate change? Yes, I bet climate change was behind this “pandemic”, and will be behind all future “pandemics” as well. It is the only logical explaination!

src: bobmoran.co.uk